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Individual order

In addition to the traditional collections of dining-room textiles, furnishings and seasonal models of clothing at our factory we can execute various custom orders. With pleasure, our skilled craftswomen will bring your ideas to life according to your style, embroidery pattern, pattern, ornament, monogram and will create a product containing a part of your soul.

We will be happy to create a masterpiece of needlework embroidery for you personally!

крестецкая строчка фрагмент рукава ручная вышивка
крестецкая строчка
крестецкая строчка ручная вышивка создание
 крестецкая строчка фрагмент жилета ручная вышивка
крестецкая строчка фрагмент скатерти ручная вышивка
крестецкая строчка фрагмент блузы ручная вышивка

One-of-a-kind items of home decor, clothing and murals, the uniqueness of which is confirmed by the certificates, are created under the guidance of Merited Artist of the Russian Federation, the main artist of the factory Maria Evgenyevna Afanasyeva and the main designer Alexandra Georgieva.

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