Silverware pouch set (32 х 12 cm) with hand embroidery, art. 0302bg «Krestetskaya strochka» Gift


арт.0302bg от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 1

Product ID 0302bg



Silverware pouch set

Collection «Home textiles»

Complete set

2 pc.

Made of

100% linen


32 × 12 cm.


Product Information

Our linen silverware pouches are designed to add a creative touch to any gathering, be it a family meal or a special occasion. Intended for every dinner guest.


Do not soak or boil the items. Never leave them folded and wet for prolonged periods of time.

When washing, use delicate cycle with a maximum temperature setting of 40° С.

Only non-chlorine bleaches are allowed.

Use only slow spin speeds.

Iron the items slightly damp on the wrong side and use products for starching. Iron heat setting should not exceed 180-200° С.

Only gentle dry cleaning is allowed.


Windowed envelope 30x26 cm

Windowed envelope

30х26 cm


The products meet the requirements of ТП/ТС 017/2011

Usable shelf life is not limited.