Choker (100% linen) with hand embroidery, art. L807chst20 «Krestetskaya strochka» Gift


арт.L807chst20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 1
арт.L807chst20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 2
арт.L807chst20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 3

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1 pc.

Made of

100% linen

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Product Information

Choker is a trendy accessory that holds sway. The lace necklace, embroidered under the traditional Krestetskaya strochka technique, looks cool and original. The choker is embroidered with thick interwining under the net in the structure of black linen fabric with contrast gray threads. For performance of the seam ornament "Norwegian spider" and for creation of the triangle ornament along the choker, the flax linen threads were pulled out under the complex technique "on the diagonal." The accessory is convenient in care. Does not wrinkle and washes well, preserving the beauty of seam ornaments for long.


Hand or machine wash at a temperature not exceeding 30°.

Non-chlorine bleaching only.

Delicate drying in the washing machine drum.

Ironing at a medium temperature setting of 150°.

Delicate dry cleaning.