Homespun woolen skirt (100% linen) with hand embroidery, art. L0628st20 «Krestetskaya strochka» Gift


арт.L0628st20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 1
арт.L0628st20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 2
арт.L0628st20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 3
арт.L0628st20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 4
арт.L0628st20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 5

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Homespun woolen skirt

Complete set

1 pc.

Made of

100% linen

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Product Information

An openwork double apron from steel-colored linen fabric, embroidered with ton-sur-son threads. It is wrapped around hips and tied on a waist with size adjustment.  In its creation, craftswomen were inspired by the famous piece of Slavic women's old suit, a homespun woolen skirt. The apron is ornate with hand embroidery. The graphic pattern uses the following seam ornaments: "Norwegian spider", "small spiders", "triple grill", "soap bubble", openwork "bug with warping" and a pattern, the most complicated in terms of performance technique, "Vologda glass", combining the warping seam ornament technique and point lace elements. Such a work of handmade embroidery art will be an elegant addition to a dress, skirt or trousers, and will add bright individuality to a look.


Hand or machine wash at a temperature not exceeding 30°.

Non-chlorine bleaching only.

Delicate drying in the washing machine drum.

Ironing at a medium temperature setting of 150°.

Delicate dry cleaning.