Skewed-collared shirt (100% linen) with hand embroidery, art. L207stb20 «Krestetskaya strochka» Gift


арт.L207stb20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 1
арт.L207stb20 от фабрики «Крестецкая строчка» Вид 2

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Skewed-collared shirt

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1 pc.

Made of

100% linen

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Product Information

Free cutting skewed-collared shirt from steel-colored linen fabric is an example of the harmonic use of the traditional Russian costume element in modern basic wardrobe. Even with a simple cut, the model looks gorgeous due to lavish decoration of chest and sleeves. Seam ornaments "bug with Norwegian spider" and the chequered "upper seam" are embroidered under the net, pulled out in one-by-one threads directly in fabric structure. At last, the main advantage of a skewed-collared shirt is its universality: it fits literally all women, irrespective of age and body type, and it will fit almost any style. For comfort, combine it with jeans or leather leggins. To create a grunge style look, combine a skewed-collared shirt, a leather shirt and heavy platform boots. Boho and country lovers will appreciate skewed-collared shirt with the homespun woolen skirt, a work of seam ornament art from the Krestetskaya strochka collection of accessories. Parameters


Hand or machine wash at a temperature not exceeding 30°.

Non-chlorine bleaching only.

Delicate drying in the washing machine drum.

Ironing at a medium temperature setting of 150°.

Delicate dry cleaning.